mercredi 11 janvier 2017

Ring RAC600 Digital Inflator Storage

The fast, easy way to keep your tyres in good condition. The RAC600 can inflate a completely flat car tyre in under 3.5 minutes. It has an air flow rate of 25L/min, with a screw-stem connector for quick and secure attaching.
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Power directly from your 12V socket – with a long cable that makes it easy to reach all tyres round the vehicle. The built-in LED light makes it safer and easier to inflate at night – and has an SOS mode to attract attention. Comes with a case, two adaptors and instructions.
Time-saving: inflates a car tyre from flat in just 3.5 minutes. Easy inflation: preset the pressure you need, press start, and the inflator automatically stops once it has been reached.

Clear readings: backlit digital display gives a clear indication of progress, with pressure shown in either KPA, PSI or BAR. Night time use: built-in LED light with standard and SOS mode makes night time inflation safer.
Neat and tidy: all components, including adaptor set for small inflatables, fit neatly on the unit and in the storage case.

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RAC600 Digital Tyre Inflator
Perfect for: great value technology
The RAC600 is a firm favourite for easy, reliable tyre maintenance. Digital technology combined with a great price – no wonder it’s a popular choice.

Save money and stay safe
Properly inflated tyres will improve fuel efficiency and help reduce wear and tear, saving you money at the pumps and in car maintenance. Well maintained tyres also improve your vehicle’s handling – making it easier and safer to drive.

To operate the inflator:
* Plug the cigarette lighter into the 12v socket.
* Tightly screw the valve connector clockwise onto the tyre valve stem
* Hold + or – for more than 5 seconds until LCD display flashes. The figure that first appears is the default value (30psi). To change this, press the + or – to the required pressure setting and wait 2-3 seconds. The LCD will display the current pressure value for the item to be inflated.
* Press the M button and the LCD will display “ON” to indicate that the compressor is ready to start working.
* Push ON/OFF to start. When the set pressure is reached, the inflator will automatically switch off.
* The ON/OFF button can be used to override the preset pressure value if required.

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